Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow day.

A few weeks ago [23 January] my father took me to see some snow. Being very excited and mindful of the snow and the cold, I got a bit too excited and overpacked. I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't nearly as cold as I'd thought/hoped it would be, and I kept removing layers from my first outfit. After we drove a few miles further to a second location [the first having been right along the road], I did decide to use some of the extra clothes I'd packed, and it ended up looking like a whole new outfit.

The trick to both outfits was lots of layers, many of which gradually came off as the day warmed up.

  • dark grey thermal cami from urban outfitters
  • basic black tank from target
  • heather blue brushed sweater from target
  • camel coloured knit vest my mother got in england
  • basic black leggings from forever 21
  • some thick knit leggings my mother bought for me, which i love
  • red, thick-knit, above-the-knee socks from target
  • an additional pair of ankle socks from target
  • favourite legwarmers from target [grey]
  • trusty fake uggs from my mama
  • dark grey knit gloves from for love 21

  • dark grey thermal cami
  • black thermal longsleeve shirt from forever 21
  • camel vest
  • two pairs of leggings
  • red knit socks plus ankle socks
  • legwarmers
  • fake uggs
  • red fingerless gloves from for love 21

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