Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Apology to the blog

So I was barely home at all yesterday, since I had classes in the am and pm, as well as an interview to work at abercrombie with my friend Alex. My outfit in the morning was nice I suppose, but I forgot to get pictures of it, and what I changed into for the interview was basically abercrombie style: a plaid shirt, jeans, and flip flops.

Didn't have time to heart anything since I was only home for an hour in the afternoon, in which I slept, and I went to bed half an hour after I came home from my evening class, which ended at 9:30!

* I did buy some stuff from Cotton On, an Australian clothing chain which just opened in the Glendale mall. All I bought were white plimsolls, a plaid scarf, and a thin grey sweater/cardigan type thing. I decided no real clothes from there until I look like Alex... the type of person who makes New Year's resolutions to GAIN weight -____-
Some people are just too lucky. of the days I WILL do a proper fashion/outfit post. The ones I have on here are only too embarassing.

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