Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rooftop photography.

A few weeks ago [22 january, to be exact] during the rainy weeks I loved so much, I ventured up onto my roof to take a few photographs. Here are my results.

This, I took in the direction of Glendale or Downtown, where the sky was still dark, and perhaps still raining in those areas.

This one was in the direction of the Santa Monica mountains, downtown Burbank, and Studio City. The steam that usually comes out of the water and power station was looking especially dressed up, so I thought I'd honour it with a photo.

Possibly my favourite shot of the day/evening; here you can see some clouds coming over the Verdugo Hills, all but swallowing them up in the process. It looks as if the hills are some steaming pot, and the clouds are the water vapours rising up from the pot's contents.

And, because I was under the impression that my "lounging around the house" clothes were cute, I also had to include a photo or two of myself, which I achieved using the self-timer function and some AC units conveniently located on the roof, which also allowed me to use the stunning sky as a backdrop.

In case you were wondering about my outfit [you probably weren't]:
  • thick knit white sweater from American Eagle Outfitters [very warm but also very itchy, and as you can see here the pockets make me look fat -__-]
  • Coldplay t-shirt from the concert I went to
  • grey lounge pants [VERY comfortable, by the way] from Gilly Hicks
  • trusty faux Ugg boots, bought for me by my mother.

I also thought my hairstyle was pretty cute [on a day when I pretty much did not leave the house... go figure], and that was simply my own naturally wavy hair, half of which I gathered up in the back and tied into a little bun, very loosely.

And here is one last shot of the lovely sky, in the direction of the valley, and the sunset. You can see the wetness on the street.

Just then the sky suddenly got very dark, so I had to hurry back inside... but not before I got this last shot of the very edge of the hills.

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