Friday, March 5, 2010


I have been soooo busy that it's been nearly impossible for me to update. Today in particular had a lot of ups and downs... but mostly downs. :(

  • got to spend the whole day pretty much with some truly awesome people :D
  • got accepted to UCI! :D
  • the cop who ticketed me actually showed up at my trial [almost a year later] meaning i had to pay $274 for the stupid ticket :(
  • porto's messed up my order, and had i not listened to my mother and gone home first i would have noticed it :(
  • abercrombie, which i'd been hoping would call me to hire me, did not call me today... and today was the last day they said they'd call ["If you don't get a call from us within one week, it means that we are unfortunately unable to offer you a position at this time"... and my interview was exactly a week ago today] :(