Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Skins effect.

It's quite strange really: during the rolling credits at the end of every episode of Skins, I get the most bittersweet feeling. Mostly sweet because I love Skins so much and it's my favourite show, but in a way it's also bitter, not only for that very same reason [I'll explain later] but also because each episode reminds me just how much I long to be living in the UK right now... and not only that, but I wish I could have grown up there, and experienced the culture of the UK from birth. I envy the English a lot, for reasons I can't really explain. I have no idea why I'm drawn to that culture so much, I just am. Every time I talk to my parents about my wishes, they always scoff at me, saying "How can you be so sure you'd be happy there? How could you possibly be in love with a country you've never visited?" This response always frustrates me, because I obviously can't give them a tangible, legitimate response, and so they can never take me seriously. But I know that the first chance I get, I'm relocating.

And as for the other part of my bitterness... I'm sure most of us have experienced that anyway. When you love a series [or film or book, even] just so much, you wish you were in it... not necessarily to be one of the characters, although that sometimes comes up too, but more of a participant in the action, culture, plot.... basically just to LIVE the sort of life that our favourite characters live. I've felt it with Harry Potter too [as I know millions have :)] and Gossip Girl, and Friends, and even... Twilight. [Yes I admit, I used to be a fangirl, before the book was soooooo popular... not that that wasn't the most pretentious sounding thing ever but it is true! It's mainly the rabid tween fangirl crowd that really turned me off to the series... not to mention the numerous faults that have been pointed out... I'm really not going to get into this now.]

Back to Skins, I'm really enjoying Series 4 so far. Not only are the music and fashion ace, but I think everyone is really growing into their character, and the plots are just digging into each character, showing all the complex facets, flaws, and virtues of every person. I admit that while the First Generation were my favourite of all time [not just because they were first], I will be sad to see these kids leave... and I really have gotten quite attached to them. Sigh... again with the bittersweet feelings.


[PS: If you've got absolutely no idea what I'm on about... check this out:]

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