Sunday, February 14, 2010

One Saturday in Portland

These pictures are SERIOUSLY old and from my trip to Portland [during which I fell in love with Oregon] but this is one of my favourite outfits EVER, so I had to include it.

The irony of it was that the day these pictures were taken [24 October 2009] was my father's birthday, and he, who LOVES Oregon and actually lived there for a year or two, couldn't come on the trip with us because of work.

[the saturday market, in front of a flower stall, shortly before buying...]

[...a dahlia! you see how clever i am? ;)]

[after that we trotted back to sandra's home, which is the cutest thing ever, so we had to have photos of it.]

[again, the "dahlia & a dahlia" joke.]

[then, we went back out to explore the mountain national parks. i don't remember the name of any of the places we went. i'm not particularly fond of this picture (because my mother was standing right in the sun so i had to squint), but it does show my outfit in its entirety.]

  • basic white tank top from forever 21
  • red buffalo plaid shirt from target
  • american rag black leather motorcycle jacket from macy's
  • scarf from forever 21
  • favourite skinny jeans from forever 21
  • thick grey cable-knit legwarmers from target
  • black not-suede boots from target

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