Sunday, February 14, 2010

Blog Attempt #384

Yes, I realise I've tried [and failed at] numerous attempts to keep diaries, journals, and blogs, starting each one with the hopes that the idea will finally stick, and the desire to update daily will not wane.

Of course, so far, these hopes have not yet been fulfilled.

At any rate, I'm hoping this blog will be different... I'm hoping it will be a chronicle not so much of my daily life, but of my adventures on the internet.

Most of my time these days are spent on two sites: and
As such, I hope to record the various things I've hearted on weheartit, and also, not only outfits that I liked on lookbook... but maybe also some outfits of my own, as I very sadly do not have a lookbook of my own, as worthy as I personally feel I am of one. [I may be a bit biased. We'll see.]

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